Cybergurus has been formed with a mission to enable companies to

  • Cut Costs drastically across the organization
  • Get a 360 degree view of the Business including Employees, Customers, Suppliers
  • Get Decision Making information in Real Time rather than waiting for untold time
  • Automate and Streamline Business Processes
  • Increase Efficiencies in operations across the organization
  • Manage and Increase Customer satisfaction
  • Manage and Increase Employee satisfaction and management
  • Focus on their Core competencie
  • Operate Fastly, Efficiently and Profitably

WHY CYBERGURUS? - Cybergurus is objectively committed to implementing the best solutions available, in the shortest time possible, to meet a corporation's end to end technological and strategic needs. We offer multiple solutions from implementing a solution to hosting a solution to developing a solution, all solutions are technically robust, cost efficient and fast. TEN most compelling reasons to consider Cybergurus are:

Technical Expertise:

We guarantee our technical expertise in products and solutions implemented or hosted by Cybergurus Corporation. We accomplish this through a Team of Certified, Qualified and Experienced staff of Engineers, Business Analysts and Project Managers.

Cost Efficient:      

We run a lean, mean and efficient operation. Consequently, we can pass over the cost savings to our Clients. Besides, our technical expertise in implementation of solutions enables us to finish projects - On shore or Off shore, On Site or Off Site; within budget and time frame.


Our main objective is to implement, host or develop the best solution to meet your needs,current and future. There are so many different software solutions in each category that it becomes difficult to analyze and study each solution that will fit to meet a corporation's need. Our relationship with multiple vendors, our multiple teams experienced in each product, our Team's experience in implementing multiple products etc. enable us to objectively implement the best solution available in the marketplace to meet your requirements.

Multiple Options:  

Cybergurus provide a corporation multiple options with respect to its IT requirements which includes complete outsourcing of IT Operations, Hosting of Applications, Implementing of Software Applications and Development of Software solutions, which are not yet available in the marketplace, to meet custom IT requirements of the Corporation.

Fixed Price:        

We are so confident of our product implementation expertise that we can quote a fixed price for implementation or software development. We determine the requirements up front and our experience in different product solutions enables us to give a fixed price.

Time Frame:        

We guarantee finishing of the project in the time frame determined upon the determination of the requirements. We stick to the time we provide our Clients to finish the project. The project can be finished sooner than the deadline date but not later than that.

Implementation Choices:

Cybergurus provide multiple implementation choices which includes On Site implementation,leveraging our Rapid Deployment Center for Application Development or Off shore Software Development Center to developthe product at lower Cost. Choosing any of the aforesaid options do not affect the project finish dates but the overall cost associated with the Project.

On Site Consulting:

We also provide high tech experts for your on-going projects from Project Managers, Project Leaders to Technical Experts and Business Analysts.

Free Technical Support:

For any Project implemented by Cybergurus, we will provide free technical support for six months.

For more reasons to consider Cybergurus or for further information, please call 800 490 5942 or e.mail us at


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